I refuse to allow an industry to dictate how I speak to my audience. Screw having a bio...here's the truth from me, by me, to you.

I started writing music when I developed vocal cord nodules at 15 years old. I could barely sing a note, so my father bought me a guitar and told me to find a different way to express myself musically.

When I write, it's not the lyric or melody that expresses the emotion for me, it's the space in between.

Though I have been actively pursuing music for over a decade, I am an imperfect player and an imperfect singer.  I wouldn't have it any other way. I choose passion and emotion over perfection every time.

In this day and age we are influenced to believe that everything is better filtered. I will never filter my flaws to sell records, they make me who I am.

I write songs that stem from the deepest part of my heart. I write them for the people out there who feel alone and unheard. I hope that one day I can bring a feeling of solidarity to those who need it.

For the record,  I am the following:
A New Yorker through and through, a calculated risk taker, a passionate friend, a deeply devoted family member, a reader, a lover of chocolate, an easy heart to break, a survivor, a fighter, a go big or go home enthusiast, stubborn to the core, running on blind faith and someone who will never back down from something I believe in.

I'll make you cry more than I'll make you dance. But I vow to do my best to be there for you on the bad days, to give you something to drive to, and something to listen to on those sleepless nights when your heart keeps you awake.

We're all in this together.